Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Perfect Moment

More often than not when the temp drops to 5 below my attitude is to spend as little time outside as possible, but, this morning was the exception. It’s magical outside right now, so perfect I could have been standing in the middle of a snow globe. 

The finest, not quite transparent snowflakes fell from sky, catching the light from the barn spotlight and turning into a million pieces of glitter. In one direction, near the tree line, I could just see the lesson horses playing in the snow, shifting in and out of the shadows. Turning towards town, instead of the pale orange glow, each street lamp shot a pale spear of light into the sky. 

Dilemma left her roundbale and stood behind me, her frost coated nose against my neck, her breath smelling of hay, snow, and horse. For several minutes we stood there, watching time slip away, enjoying a rare, perfect moment.

Than my toes got cold so I hurried back inside.

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