Saturday, August 27, 2016

WeWriWa Snippet for 8/28/16 Shades of Supernatural


I'm back for another week of WeWriWa fun! If you haven't heard of WeWriWa, it's a fun little blog hop where authors of all experience levels and genre's come together to share 8-10 sentence long snippets of their work. Over the years, I've found that it's a great way to tighten my writing. I've also met some truly fabulous writers who've been a fantastic source of support and advice.

Life stuff has prevented me from doing much fictional writing during the past year. I missed it. Particularly since I've had this idea for a contemporary novel, Shattered Glass,  percolating for a  few years.

I posted the opening lines a few weeks ago, during which it was revealed that my MC's cell phone had no signal. Since I live in a semi-rural area, spotty cell phone reception is a part of life, so I couldn't help poking a little fun at how pop culture's rather cliched method of using this as ominous foreshadowing.

As always, any and all advice is welcome. Thanks!

Harlow tapped at the screen with her fingernails, which didn’t magically create a signal. “If I was in the first act of a Supernatural episode right now, this would be a very, very bad thing.” Instant regret winged through Harlow as her mind’s eye conjured a contingency of black eyed demons, or worse, standing behind her. She rushed to paint a silver lining on her naturally dark imagination. “Of course, if this was the show, Dean and Sam would be here right now.”
Her gaze bounced to Elk Snort, around the parking lot, and to the street. Not a single black Impala, lanky Winchester brother, or salt filled rifle to be seen. Damn.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

WeWriWa Snippet for 8/7/16

I can’t say I’m starting a new WIP, since this one has actually been in the works for about a year (though not much actual writing seems to have happened during that time frame) but it is the first time I’ve made it a part of the WeWriWa blog hop. The working title is Shattered Glass. It’s a contemporary project inspired by a blog post I read a few years back.

Even though I’ve rewritten the opening a few dozen times now, and it has gotten a little better each time, I’m still not happy with it, so if anyone has any suggestions, don’t be afraid to share them. Thanks!

By the time Harlow Kynestov accepted the fact that no matter how many times she paced around the little cabin she’d rented, she wasn’t going to get any cell phone service and made the short trek from the cabin to the micro town of Sun Spot Wyoming, only one of Sun Spot’s three businesses, the Elk Snort Bar and Grill, remained open. This would have been fine if it had looked like a reputable establishment, but with its half burned out neon sign, cracked siding, dirty windows, and weed choked parking lot, Harlow thought it looked like exactly the kind of place a horde of chainsaw wielding, homicidal mountain men would prefer.
It wasn’t the type of place she ever wanted to step foot in. Just standing in the parking lot was closer than she wanted to be.
Harlow stared at her cell phone and willed the little icon to announce there was signal. It didn’t have to be strong, just enough to place one, maybe two phone calls, and she’d be happy.
            Luck wasn’t on her side. She shouldn’t have expected it to be. Nothing about today, or the past six months for that matter, had gone right, why should things change now?
            “I didn’t even know places still existed that didn’t get cell phone signal,” she muttered to herself.