Sunday, April 5, 2015

WeWriWa Snippet from The Chocolate House - All for Love - Anthology: Pig in a Poke 4/5/15

Happy Easter!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day that’s full of laughter and springtime, wherever you may be!

I’m continuing to post from my short story, Pig in a Poke. The complete story can be found in The picks up where last week’sended. I’m only posting six sentences since that’s all that remain in the first chapter, and the 2nd chapter is told from my heroine’s POV.
Chocolate House-All for Love-Anthology which was published a month ago. This week’s snippet

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Simon succumbed to the impulse to lean closer to the window and strained his ears, hoping to catch a bit of the conversation, enough to let him get the gist of the conversation but his efforts went unrewarded. He sighed and reached for his coat. The truth of the matter was that whatever drama was unfolding on the street wasn’t any of his business and his older brother’s request meant Simon already had quite enough to worry about without taking on a stranger’s problems.
Still …
Simon glanced out the window one last time, and took a moment to study the young woman’s face. She really was quite pretty and clearly upset about something that had been said to her, it would be irresponsible for a gentleman to simply ignore her and Simon had always considered himself a gentleman.


  1. Okay I've tried three times to add a comment, but Google is determined to mess me up today :-( Really like this excerpt, great characterization. You've got a firm handle on Simon and it shows. Hope you pick up with the start of the next chapter next week! :-)

  2. I like the way Simon talks himself into having to go find out what's happening with the young woman. Excellent excerpt!

  3. Second thoughts are terrific. You grabbed me with this.

  4. I'm glad Simon's a gentleman. Men get into just as many scrapes because they are one as they do proving they're not one. :) Can't wait to see what he does! Tweeted.

  5. Yes, be a gentleman! Go rescue her!

  6. I bet he'll be a gentleman and go to be her hero!