Saturday, May 26, 2012

Five Things About Etna

If you've been following along with my Six Sentence Sunday posts, you've only met two of the characters I've created for my YA, hopefully to someday be a novel, DWARFED. The two characters you've met have been Grace and Luke.

Today I'm introducing you to Grace's Great-Aunt Etna.

Etna Cheseboro is the oddest character in DWARFED. She’s also the hardest to explain. My extremely loud, potentially insane sisters created Etna. If I remember the story correctly it had something to do with a dead car and a road sign. Someday I’ll have to shoot a video of their version of Etna.

My version of Etna is a bit toned down from the versions my sisters have come up with over the years, but I still think she’s … umm … I’m going to go with one of a kind.

  1. Etna’s a Yooper, with the very thick accent that comes from being born and raised in the area. If you're unfamiliar with a Yooper accent, here's an example-“Look at her! All dat red hair and pale skin, she’ll burn up as soon as she sets foot outside. Da girl’s going to be a nuisance. She's probably sickly too. I bet she’ll need all sorts of special care and medical procedures. Dat explains why Caroline dumped her here, eh?”
  2. She’s missing one eye
  3. She yells, a lot, and very loudly (I wonder where that little trait comes from)
  4. Etna’s not happy that Grace has come to live with them
  5. My version of Etna is named after Mt. Etna, one of the most famous and beautiful volcano’s in the world. George Lucas even used footage of Mt. Etna in one of the Star Wars movies.

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