Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Gestation Crisis

Most people have no idea about the fight that’s currently being waged between American Pork Producers and the Humane Society of the United States. Fast food chains currently seem to be the ones caught in the middle.

I have an opinion about the use of gestation crates, the HSUS, and the pork industry, but since I refuse to be one of those people who blasts out an opinion without taking at least a little bit of time to do a little research  about the issue, I’m going to wait a couple of days and collect some data. Right now I’m waiting for a response from both the HSUS and the National Pork Producers Association.  Once I’ve gathered the information needed I’m going to write a series of, hopefully informative blog posts and maybe even a few articles as well.


  1. I wish I didn't dislike vegetables so much because I would definitely be a vegetarian. But I can barely choke down what I need to stay healthy, so there's no way I could survive on them alone. I wish it was extremely easy to be sure I was buying meat that was humanely handled.

    1. That's never been one of my concerns, mostly because I've been around farmers all my life and have even spent a little time at slaughter houses. Most aren't nearly as nasty as most people imagine. While I'll freely admit that there are exceptions, most farmer's do care about their livestock, and try to care for them to the best of their abilities.

      I also think that organizations like HSUS are important and do provide a good check and balance, the hog farm in question being one such example. I'm really curious to see how each organization responds and what other information I unearth. I'm really excited.