Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Write Motivation

1.Finish line editing DWARFED
2.write 1 page a day for FOOLISH BEAUTY
3 continued participation in #FridayFictioneers and #SixSunday
4. Steady copywriting

Motivation has been something that’s been in short supply for the past week and a half, and I’m not sure why.

Last week I was stressed. It was just one of those weeks where it seemed like every time I turned around, I found something new to worry about. Some of the issues were real and some were imaginary, but the end result was the same. My brain was so busy worrying about things, it couldn’t settle down to write. 

This week whenever I sit down to write I feel like I’m forcing the words through a layer of thick, cold mud. It’s not fun, nor productive.

My DWARFED edits met mixed results. I managed to completely line edit a few pages before the weekend, but not nearly as much as I hoped. Even though I didn’t have the polished manuscript I was hoping for, I did print a copy off and deliver it to a friend to read (Leo, I really am very sorry for a few of those abrupt scene changes, jumbled sentences, and typos). I’ve also discovered an easier way to edit, well maybe not easier, but at least it feels more productive. Instead of simply going through each page individually, I went through and made all the changes one of my beta readers suggested. It took a couple of days, but I felt like I could really say I accomplished something. Thanks LA for your help, your comments were spot on. This week I’m using the comments I made and am hoping to make all those changes. It’s a lot, wish me luck.

I really don’t want to talk about Foolish Beauty. Not only didn’t I write anything, but I didn’t even manage to get any research done. So far this week’s not going any better. On the other hand, I did manage to write a short story, which I’m thinking could be the start of something more.  The short, which really needs a new title, can be found here.  I’m kicking around the idea of using it as the basis for next weeks NANOWRIMO.

Content writing. I’ll be honest, this is where I notice my lack of writing motivation more than anything else. Normally I can write twenty-thirty pages a day. I might grumble and complain a lot about the words, and I might be a physical and mental wreck when I get done, but I get through them. Lately I’ve been taking on less work and fighting every single page. I suspect that my new attitude to work stems from two things. The first has to do with the subjects I’m writing about, I tend to find myself writing about the same things over and over again, which plays havoc on my attention span. The other issue has to do with payments, which have been very sporadic of late. Hopefully this will get easier soon and I can go back to my old numbers. I’ve also applied for a couple of different freelancing gigs.

I did participate in last week’s Friday Fictioneers. I tried to write a homage to Poe. While the results seemed to go over well, my writing style can’t begin to compare to Poe. *sigh*. My attempt can be found here.

I also posted a Six Sentence Sunday Snippet which can be found right here.

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