Monday, September 3, 2012

#Write Motivation September

Wow, summer flew by. Now it’s fall and things should start slowing down so I can focus on writing. September promises to be busy, but it’s a good time to get my goals organized.

This month’s goals:

Dwarfed-This novel is going to be my main focus this week. Every spare moment is getting devoted to plowing through my edits. As soon as those are done, it’s time to start pitching it to agents. I’m shooting to get it out to at least 1 agent a week. Yikes!

Wishing For…-I started this novel for Camp Nanowrimo and ended up with about 40,000 words. I would like to wrap up the first draft. Time’s going to be tight this month, but I’m hoping to get about 500 words a day until the end of the month, or until I finish the rough draft.

Foolish Beauty-This freaking story has been driving me nuts since last November. I can’t seem to figure it out. I put it away for the summer and refused to even think about the character. I’m not planning on doing any actual Foolish Beauty writing, but I would like to start researching the time period again and start figuring out a more concise timeline.

Copywriting-My boss promised that she was going to get caught up on payments, so, bearing that I should be getting paid in a timely fashion, I’m hoping to get back to writing enough pages to earn between $150-200 each week.
In addition to all of that I’m also planning to continue participating every week in Friday Fictioneers and SIX Sentence Sunday. I’d like to start participating in Five Sentence Fiction as well.

Today I discovered the Gearing Up to Get anAgent and signed up. I'm setting the goal to participate in each step.

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