Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday's #octmadwrite

If you're here as part of the Haunted Writing Clinic, you can find the first page of my YA manuscript, DWARFED, right here. Sorry about the confusion.

I’m supposed to be participating in the October madness write-a-thon (#octmadwrite), a week long blog hop where writers post their writing goals and accomplishments. I’m running very late, so my goal for today will be completing the 15 pages of webcontent I still haven’t started. 

Tomorrow I have more complex goals. I hope to accomplish the following:
  • ·         Write 10 pages of web content
  • ·         Create a blog post about colostrum and newborn pigs
  • ·         Remove all repeated phrases/bad words from the first three chapters of dwarfed
  • ·         Create the character profiles for 2 MC’s of my 2012 nanowrimo project
Whew! Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day.