Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's #octmadwrite

I did it, the one thing I swore I wasn’t going to do until after NaNoWrMo. I decided to take another past at Foolish Beauty, otherwise known as the, evil historical manuscript that I’ll have to sell my soul to finish manuscript. This will be the third time I’ve started it from scratch, and I’ll figure I’ll plug away at it a little at a time for the next few weeks until NaNoWrMo, and then tuck it away again.
I’m pleased to report that I managed to come up with 994 words today.  I still have some more evening left and am planning to use it to do some editing, plotting, and maybe write a micro fiction.

I also participated in today’s #octmadwrite which was to take the favorite character from a book and incorporate them into my current manuscript. I chose Lucy Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia, and free wrote for five minutes. Later I might try to do the same thing with the main character from The Tell Tale Heart.

Jeffery’s spotted Princess Lucy sitting on a low stone wall, her back propped against a tree, and her customary book balanced across her knees. A white goat grazed beside her.           
Lucy looked up from her book and studied his face. “Jeffery,” she said, her tone ever so faintly admonishing. “What did you do?”
            He could lie. The thought flitted through his mind for a brief second. He even felt the words starting to form in his mouth, but at the last moment he simply shook his head. “Your highness, please believe me when I tell you you don’t want to know.”
            Lucy’s head tilted to one side and she studied him, her gray eyes as calm and deep as the sea on a windless day. Jeffery’s heart thundered in his chest. Lucy was the one person in the palace who seemed to see through his easy smile and shenanigans. Sometimes, in moments like this, he suspected she saw straight into his soul. He had no idea what she saw there, and he was afraid to ask.
            Lucy’s nose wrinkled. Her book fluttered to the ground as she jabbed a finger into Jeffery’s chest, poking him with such force he staggered backwards. 
            “You,” she said, her voice laced with excitement and irritation, “have been having an adventure.”


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    1. Thank you. I'm kind of hoping I can find a place for it in the manuscript, assuming the project doesn't drive me past the edge of sanity. I never though writing a historical would be such a challenge.

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