Thursday, October 4, 2012

My List of Ten Older Books I Don’t Want People to Forget About

1.       The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe-Yes, I know it’s part of a series. I love the series, but this book is has an extra special place in my heart. I think I own five or six copies , and must read it once or twice a year. I’m so glad I was allowed to think of it as a fairytale and a story about a magical place. 

2.       The Misty of Chincoteague Trilogy-When I was in elementary school, I thought these were the best books ever written. Friends and I used to swap  battered copy's back and forth all the time, and spent recesses playing Misty. When my family vacationed out east, I insisted on a trip to Chincoteague just to see where everything happened. Anyone who knows of a horse crazy girl should make sure this trilogy is on their shelves.

3.       The Hero and the Crown-Seriously, if you haven’t read any Robin McKinley novels, you need to right now. This book is a fantasy novel with the feel of a fairytale. It’s a great book. All of McKinley’s books are. 

4.       To Kill a Mockingbird-This is another book that I read at least once a year. Each time it blows me away. I love the atmosphere and wish Harper Lee would have written more books. 

5.       The Prince and the Pauper-This might not be one of Twain’s best known books, but I love it.
6.       The BFG-I love the BFG and wish all giants were like him. So cute and cuddly. If you haven’t read this Roald Dahl book, you need to. It’s a warm and fun read. 

7.       The Island of the Blue Dolphins-I’ve always been a solitary soul who requires long stretches of solitude in order to maintain peace of mind, so the idea of having an entire island all to myself was appealing. As an adult and a writer, I’m blown away by O’Dell’s ability to write an entire novel with no supporting characters.

8.       The Old Man and The Sea-Quite similar to “Dophins” and a great read. My favorite Hemingway book.

9.       Break In-I’m a longtime fan of Dick Francis and have read most of his books, but this, his first novel, will always be my favorite. I love the character of Kit.

10.   Morgan and Ewe-This was one of the amazing picture books in the Serendipity series. I don’t know how many times my parent’s read it to me when I was little. It is one of the books I look for whenever I need a gift for someone who has children. Great story, great morals, and breathtaking pictures.


  1. You make me want to do a post like this. :)

  2. Go for it. A blog called the broke and bookish organizes a blog hop around topics like this. It's nice to meet you.

  3. you might want to check the title of #4