Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Chocolate House-All for Love-Anthology

In the fall of 2014 Francine Howarth (author of Debt of Honor & Infamous Rival) came up with an idea to compile a group of writers who would be interested in writing a story for an anthology. The book would be self-published and the proceeds would be donated to charity. 

By the start of November, 6 writers were committed to the project. We all had different writing experiences, different backgrounds, and different ideas about the type of story we wanted to write.
We also lived on three different continents.
The group consisted of

It was decided that the stories could be Georgian or Regency in nature and would be set in Bath, England. Now we just needed something to unite the stories. Masqueraders, a fictional Chocolate House located on Milson Street. Perfect. 

During the next few months there was a great deal of sweat, tears, cramped fingers, panic about deadlines, debate about what Masqueraders looked like, laughter, and I’m sure more than a few curse words dropped, but in the end six different stories were submitted. The best thing about the stories is that they have something for everyone. In the pages of Masqueraders you’ll find murder, kidnapping, mystery, murder, romance, and of course, lots and lots of chocolate.

The Chocolate House-All for Love- Anthology is available via Amazon. All of the proceeds are going to Great OrmondStreet Hospital for Children, London. So support a great cause and get a great book out of the deal! 

If you love the book, we'd adore you if you would kindly post a review on Amazon.

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