Monday, March 16, 2015

The Results of my Free Promotion of Snowflakes & Beeswax

When it comes to my books, I haven’t done much marketing, mostly because I didn’t see the point. I figured it made more sense to write my heart out and self-publish a few more before I got crazy with promotional efforts.

In December, I did some light promotion with Snowflakes & Beeswax, which led to a few sales
which generated a couple of reviews. Since Snowflake is a holiday themed novella, I figured that was it for the story until next Christmas.

In February, on a whim, I decided to give the e-version of Snowflake away for free, just to see what happens. Personally, I’m a little skeptical about free books. My attitude is that most of the people who take advantage of these freebies are trolling for free books and are unlikely to purchase many or become a regular customer. Still curiosity prodded me forward.

Snowflakes & Beeswax was free from February 18-20. During that time, more than 400 people downloaded the book. I have to admit, it was fun watching the numbers on my KDP dashboard climb higher and higher. It was even more exciting to see Snowflake appear on the Regency Romance freebie bestseller list. It even reached the #2 spot at one point. I know that at least one of the people
who downloaded the book while it was free took the time to write a short, 5 star review. I should say that I didn’t tell anyone, not even people I’ve connected to through social media, about the deal. I wanted to see what would happen without any assistance from me.

When the free promotion ended, once again, I thought that’s it. The novella was going to languish in oblivion. I was wrong. 

Since the promotion, I’ve sold a minimum of 1 copy a day, most of the “sales” have been through the Kindle Unlimited program. It’s not much, especially when compared to the number of sales other writers get, but each one adds up and that makes me happy.

If you’re interested in downloading Snowflakes & Beeswax for free, I’m running another free promotion when my next Georgian romance, From Moonlight to Mayhem, releases in late April.


  1. I loved this one, simply because it was a refreshing and original storyline!

  2. I loved this one, simply because it was a refreshing and original storyline!