Saturday, June 2, 2012

Five Things About Maggie

Since Etna is such a piece of work,I needed to create another character that helped balance her a bit, that’s were her great-aunt Maggie comes in. Maggie is sweet, fun loving, and has a fun mischievous streak. It wasn’t my intention, but the more I edit DWARFED, the more Maggie reminds me of my Grandma Ooge.
  1. Maggie, along with Maggie’s brother Ray Bob, and his wife Etna own the farm where Grace is living until her parents return from Thailand
  2. Maggie is a retired nurse
  3. Despite living on the farm, Maggie’s not really the farming type. Her contributions are bookwork and dealing with some of the veterinary work
  4. Maggie was really excited to learn Grace was coming to stay with them, an excitement Etna didn’t share
  5. Despite their differences, Maggie and Etna are actually pretty close.