Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Almost #NaNoWriMo Time!

NaNoWriMo is right around the corner, and this year, for the first time ever. I know what I want to write. Well sort of. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping a sub-plot takes shape while I write. And I don’t know what point of view the story should be written in. But, my main plot is roughly outlined, and I have a detailed outline of my first chapter and half. By my standards, I’m prepped and ready to go.

I even have a rough synopsis.

Deadly Legacy
Upper YA

Kit doesn't know what caused her parents to become a pair of serial killers, but she worries that the urge to steal someone's life, to watch them die, lies dormant inside of her, and that someday something will cause her to snap and follow in her parent's footsteps. To prevent that from happening, she's frozen her emotions, refusing to feel anything. She convinces herself that as long as she doesn't let anyone connect to her, she'll never feel compelled to hurt anyone.

Lance likes to push things to the limit. It's one of the things that makes him a great cowboy. When he goes to work at her aunt's feedlot, Lance meet's Kit and falls hard. She's pretty, smart, sarcastic, and not afraid to tell him to go to hell. He wants her, and he isn't going to let past scare him the way it has her. He's determined to bring her out of her shell, and help her learn to feel and experience and enjoy everything that surrounds her, that letting go and taking chances can be a good thing.

Neither realize they're being hunted by something more dangerous than Kit's background.

If everything goes according to plan, it will take place in the autumn (I think it has a timeline of about a month) and is going to be set on a cow to calf farm. 

Now, I just have to cross my fingers and hope I can stretch it to 50,000 words. 

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  1. Sounds exciting! I'm venturing into NaNo with a new manuscript, too, and also wrote a loose query beforehand (better now than later!). Best of luck! :)

  2. I'm hoping things work out the way I want them to. Good luck with your project!